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For your procurement business, CSP offers you his services in a wide range of Asia. This with a vision for the future of growing needs for consumption and the constantly emerging growth of population where a responsible solution is required. As a strategic sourcing organisation, the complete chain management is in our capable hands, starting with sourcing and sampling, to follow with production and eventually quality controls.

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Procurement services for the whole of Asia

Are you in need for a qualified supplier for the import of your goods from China and do you wish for procurement advise with expertise and the associated services in Asia? Than CSP is in its right to inform you about his high quality of the purchasing process support. Since we own multiple offices throughout Asia in the busiest manufacturing areas, we are able to be in a constant connection with our partners. Product sourcing in China is no longer an obstacle, but a reachable standard. Service in the sourcing of products from Pakistan, India, Hong Kong or elsewhere in East Asia is put in a brighter light with our good intensions. With our base in the Netherlands, offering services with your procurement in Asia and importing the goods to Europe is a simple task. Naturally, we stand in for Manufacturing Audits as well.

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Are you starting a business with products manufactured in East Asia? Then CSP offers you the best procurement services all over Asia. Do not hesitate any longer and get in contact through our contact page to hear about our view of business and how we can add value for you in the entire process.


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