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CSP is the company you need when you want to import goods from China of elsewhere in Asia. Our company offers commercial support and services. With years of experience and our knowledge of the Asian culture, we are able to offer support in your purchase of products from China and the import from these goods out of Asia to the Netherlands. We have extensive knowledge of the following product groups: electronics, personal care, personal protection, gifts & premiums, household items, furniture, bedding, medical devices, and fashion & accessories.

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The import of goods from China with our assistance

Product sourcing in China is a real thing these days. With the multiple offices our company owns thorough Asia, we are capable of following up everything from the purchase process in China to the import of the goods to Europe. Being able to import goods from China or to complete a purchase somewhere else in Asia requires multiple aspects to be in good order.

The process of importing goods

The import process of goods starts with the sourcing of a capable products supplier from Pakistan to know for sure the supplier fulfils all the requests. Furthermore, you will receive samplings of your product until you are pleased with the results. Of course, quality control is a not-to-be-missed component in the process of your purchase from China. For the import of products from China, India or of goods from elsewhere in Asia, performing Manufacturing Audits is strongly recommended for multiple reasons. It is possible at any time to follow up your order or to visit the factory in question. Importing products from India or from another place in East Asia is no longer an unreachable ideal.

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With our eye on the rapid growth of the world population and the therefore increasing need for consumer goods, CSP proceeds responsible solutions for the import of your purchase from China or elsewhere in Asia. Do not hesitate any longer to proceed your purchase ideas and go through with the import of goods from China or another city in Asia. Our offices are located in Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the busiest manufacturing areas there are in the Southeast. So, act, get in contact with us through our contact page and start importing.


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