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After you make the decision, or we make either the joint decision, to continue working with (a) certain manufacturer(s), we will initiate and supervise the quotation and product development process. The relevant regional CSP office will work closely with the manufacturer to develop the sampling process based on your specifications or requirement. It is essential that the products meet the appropriate requirements and standards that will be of importance later on in the production process. CSP provides customised support.


CSP ensures that the sampling from the manufacturer reaches the client as soon as possible. Evaluation of the sample using the corresponding technical data sheet and a targeted price indication will lead to a targeted offer in collaboration with CSP. CSP ensures further follow-up regarding communication between client and manufacturer about the sampling. This is all managed from our own offices in China/Far East and/or supported by the Netherlands office.


After you have assessed and approved the sample, CSP will take the following steps to ensure that you receive a tailor-made quotation and that the correct criteria are used to test it against the final production of your goods.

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