The outsourcing of your sourcing in the Far East will negate the need for you to set up your own local entity, as well as incur the expense associated with that.

In addition to making savings in time, money and disappointment, you can make use of the years of experience with China and the Far East that CSP has to offer. We are familiar with the regulations that may apply to the prodcut you have chosen. Through years of experience, we have gained the necessary knowledge in the following product groups:

  • Electronics
  • Bedding
  • Personal care
  • Personal protection
  • Medical devices
  • Fashion & accessoires
  • Gifts & Premiums
  • Household items
  • Furniture


Due to the flexibility of the services offered by CSP, our clients have the opportunity to make use of/adjust them as they wish.

Before CSP carries out any work for clients, clear agreements are drawn up concerning the services the client will make use of and the associated costs.

To ensure your investment is not lost due to importing products that do not meet the quality requirements, you are able to perform quality checks of the manufactured products at the factory in the country of origin. You can have CSP carry out the quality checks in the Far East.

A comforting thought

We provide a detailed insight into the costs that will be charged to you. Usually, our fee is related to the purchasing volume. Clients are always provided with a clear insight of the fee and they will not be faced with any unexpected expenses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

European companies are beginning to see the need for them to increasingly profile themselves as socially responsible companies. Not only from an ethical point of view but also commercially. There are many possibilities. CSP can advise and implement in cases involving realistic options, as well as solutions that require a long and laborious process. We look into suppliers in terms of child labour, living wage and working conditions or, for example, to ensure the use of eco-friendly materials.


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Quality control

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Order follow-up

If our clients is in agreement with the offer and the sample, the client’s order usually follows. CSP will continue …

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