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Outsourcing your product sourcing in China and other countries in Asia with our company, will negate the need for you to set up your own local entity and everything associated with that. In addition to making savings in time, money, and disappointment, you can make use of the years of experience with sourcing manufacturers in China and East Asia that CSP has to offer. We are familiar with the regulations that may be applicable to your chosen product, both in China and in the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about the quality controls in China?

Why choose for product sourcing in China or elsewhere in East Asia?

The answer to the question of why you should decide to work with us is simple. Our quality assurance company has a strong vision in perspective with the present and the future and only wants what is best for you. With the view of an expert in the inspection area, we are the intermediary between suppliers in East Asia and the Netherlands. We are familiar with the Chinese legislations, quality requirements and more, which makes it possible to offer you the required support in the whole purchasing process.

Why CSP?


Defect rate reduction

Our company is a quality assurance company and expert in the inspection of businesses that require product sourcing in China and elsewhere in Asia. By sourcing manufacturers in China that are highly qualified, reliable, and suitable for manufacturing your products, we are able to reduce the defect rate significantly.


Returns reduction

Asia has to offer quite some excellent manufacturers for your product and our sourcing company is the intermediary between partners in the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, India and elsewhere in Asia to provide you manufacturers that suit your visions. Therefore, we are able to reduce returns with 50%.


Process efficiency improvement

Since our company is strong in its communication regarding the sourcing game of manufacturers in China or other places in Asia, the manufacturing process of your product proceeds smoothly and efficiently.


On time delivery improvement

To have a reliable supplier makes your supply chain strong. Suppliers that are capable of delivering your products at the agreed time are the ones we recommend to you. This will result in an improvement of your on time deliveries.

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Are you excited to find out what we can do for you? Are you looking forward to work together with our company for the sourcing part of your product manufacturers in China or elsewhere in Asia? Are we having your attention? We are pleased with your enthusiasm. Ask all your questions and we will give you the answers. Contact us to see who we are and what we can offer you.

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