Quality report

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The Quality report provides insight into the developments and quality of the goods produced. We have made a lot of headway in this field. We record a great deal of quality data. This not only provides information in support of quality improvement, but it also provides our clients and the producer with important insight.

It is our ambition to further improve and safeguard (our clients’) quality of production. Making quality information available to our clients, now and in the future, is also an important issue for us.

What does a report consist of?

A report consists of, among other things, of the following parts. Per assignment is assessed which below parts apply:

  • Factory data
  • Comments / details from the client
  • Comments / details from QC
  • Timetable
  • Product description
  • Results / conclusions
  • Standardization level of the criteria (what percentage is needed to accept the order)
  • Quality requirements / specifications
  • Detailed photo report of products found
  • Photo report of obtained sample
  • Detailed photo report of products found
  • Results dimensions plus detailed photos
  • Results weight plus detailed photos
  • Art Work plus detailed photos
  • Art Work: logo, text, colour scheme, positioning, quality printing, etc.
  • Labels / stickers
  • Packaging: per piece, per outer box, inner box, etc.
  • Box dimensions
  • Box weight
  • Shipping marks
  • Test results firmness of boxes (drop test)
  • Stabilization product
  • Firmness test results
  • Quality control sticker on checked products / boxes
  • Detailed data and photos of defects
  • Report of cooperation factory
  • Others

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