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CSP can assist with procurement as a consultancy in the Netherlands. When you want to set up your own entity and still want to keep control of the outsourcing, we provide you the assistance you need. Our consultancy in the Netherlands has multiple own offices in Asia with which we cooperate for your procurement.

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For your procurement, a consultancy in the Netherlands

Since CSP Limited believes in the importance of open communication and giving you the opportunity to follow up your procurement at all times, our consultancy in the Netherlands will explain the working process. We are an experienced sourcing business for your products in China and elsewhere in East Asia and explain in short how we work.

Explained step by step

In the first stap, the sourcing will be started. It is important to perform Manufacturing Audits. Our consultancy in the Netherlands will examine whether or not your potential supplier is reliable and meets all your procurement requirements. After that, a sample production will start. We will support you in the purchasing process by continuing the sample production until you are satisfied. Once your products are in production, a quality check of this procurement will follow. Our consultancy agency, CSP, in the Netherlands will follow up this process and keep you informed about the procurement status. As soon as the production is completed, your products will be sent to the Netherlands. Since we have our own offices in multiple big cities in the Far East, we are able to deliver procurement services all over Asia.

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In addition to save time, money and setbacks in your procurement, our consultancy in Zeist, in the Netherlands, offers their years of experience to assist you in the outsourcing in East Asia. Do you want to find out what we can do for you? Click on the button below and get in contact with us through our contact page.


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